Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sneak Peek - The Wolfen Lover

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to announce that my vampire/shifter romance, The Wolfen Lover, is being released on April 17th. This story is soft, sensual and romantic...with some spicy erotic elements. Here is an excerpt from The Wolfen Lover...

Chapter One

Michael moved restlessly in his sleep. He thrashed in the dim cave where he lay. The nightmares that haunted him each and every night made his body spasm. He twisted in misery, held captive by his dark dreams.

He dreamed of his pack and the night they were attacked. He moaned, emitting a low, animal sound, and he thrashed upon the pelts and leaves that were his bed.His nightmare took him back to that terrible night, when he had lost the ones he loved the most. And he began to cry in his sleep - not for the first time.

Michael woke from his terrible dreams just before the dawn. He opened his eyes to slits, watching the fire he had lit in the late evening turn to ashes. The night skies outside the cave were black and starless, and he closed his eyes for a moment as loneliness and despair overwhelmed him. For a long time, Michael had been alone, so alone. The inky expanse of night sky seemed to plunge him deeper into sadness.

Michael lay by the dying fire, and he opened his eyes and stretched out upon his pallet. I am always alone, he thought. Day or night, it is always the same. He had left his tribe some time after the attack, when the vampire clan descended upon the Wolfen cave and destroyed their peaceful existence forever. He knew no visitors would come to ease his solitude, for all the creatures of the forest feared him now. They know I'm dangerous, he thought, and he rose and began to prowl the cave. His thick muscles ached from another tortured sleep, and only movement helped to ease the pain.

The fire was ashes now. Michael noticed the walls of the cave seemed painted with strange shadows, which seemed to cast mysterious images over the cold stone, like clouds moving through a stormy sky.

Michael hated the nightmares. He could see his mother's face, her soft fur streaked with blood. He could hear the cries of the wounded. Every night they died again, and every night he could only watch helplessly, just as he had on that macabre All Hallows Eve. I was young, he thought angrily. I was too young to defend them, and now they are dead. Michael had cowered in the back of the cave with the other young wolves. They were hidden in darkness, and the others held him back from running out to fight the vampires. He would always hate them for that.

Michael had other dreams, too, at times - disturbing dreams. He dreamed of mating, and he would wake up aching with the desire to share his body, and his heart, with another. He would arise each morning, draw warmth from the rising sun, and he would be a man again. For each morning, he awoke a young man and not a wolf, and he never made peace with his own magical nature.

Michael sat down on his pallet as dawn drew closer. The cave was cold now, an icy chamber. He groaned in pain as the change began, his sleek coat turning to warm, golden flesh, his animal limbs lengthening and becoming the lean, taut limbs of a human.

Thanks so much for having a look. I hope everyone is having a fun holiday weekend :)



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  2. Hi, I'm Amalia, your new italian fan (well, I'm living in Tokyo at the moment but it's another story :) hehehehe). I would only say that I bought and read your "Of the Blood", and I loved it! It was so different from the tons of paranormal novels out there! I confess, I adore reading books (romances, romantica, paranormals... especially when they're about dark, sexy vampires and shapeshifters) written from a male point of view!!! :) I can't wait to buy your new release *grins*. I wish you the bestest luck. Kisses, Amalia

  3. Wow, thanks so much for getting in touch. I know Of The Blood may be too much from some people, but I like a little edge and darkness :) It's great that we have the same taste.

    My next story (with another dark, brooding hero) came out today at It's called the Wolfen Lover and I hope you enjoy it :) thanks for your support, you kind words make me very happy :)